Upselling Spa & Teeth Services Infomercial @ Intergroom
Upselling Spa & Teeth Services Infomercial @ Intergroom

Member Video: Upselling Spa & Teeth Services Infomercial @ Intergroom - 17 minutes

Would you like to earn an additional $4 – 10,000 (or more) each year? What if you could do this without adding more hours or days into your schedule? Joe will show you a simple way to make more money without losing valuable time, and in our business, time is money.

Join the master of selling extra services as he shows you how you can increase your daily revenue for only pennies a day. In the first session, Joe talks about the Fresh Breath product line that addresses the oral and dental hygiene needs of your pet clients. His tips for battling bad breath are simple and easy for the groomer or the pet owner to use on any dog, and they’ll help you earn more money.

In the second session, Joe discusses the Tropiclean Spa product line. Learn the benefits of adding a luxury line of spa products that can easily increase earnings with every pet that comes into your salon.

In this video you will learn:

  • What is the easiest way to increase your bottom line with the least amount of effort.
  • Multiple ways to combat “doggie breath”.
  • How to effectively ask for upsells to your clients.
  • How to market extra services.
  • Ways to get your clients talking about YOU in a positive way.
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Joe Zuccarello

Over the course of his career, Joe has provided management and operations consulting services to new business entrepreneurs, new business start ups, existing businesses, audiences at trade shows, and numerous telephone interviews and written articles.

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