Basic Feline Health (Excerpts)
Basic Feline Health (Excerpts)

Member Video: Basic Feline Health (Excerpts) - 32 minutes

If you groom cats, you need to have a strong understanding of their basic health and anatomy. You are the ‘eyes in the field.’ Knowing what is normal or abnormal is critical when it comes to identifying potential problems. This information will allow you to solve basic hygiene problems in a flash. Being informed in this area will also enhance your relationship with local veterinarians. It will allow you to build trust and referrals from cat owners throughout your area.

In this lecture excerpt, Danelle leads you through the most common situations you need to be aware of when you groom cats from the general public.

  • Some of the more common skin disorders
  • The difference between ‘dandruff’ and ‘dander’
  • Which flea product will kill a cat
  • About one of the most contagious, zoonotic fungi
  • What HCM is and it’s signs

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Danelle German

Danelle is the founder of the National Cat Groomers Institute of America, Inc. and the world’s first feline-exclusive grooming school located in Greenville, SC.

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