Grooming the Long Haired Cat: Part 1
Grooming the Long Haired Cat: Part 1

Member Video: Grooming the Long Haired Cat - 59 minutes

Hilaire is back with the second session of cat grooming – finishing the kitty so it’s mat and tangle free. She’ll show you her personal secrets to safely work with a cat including trigger points to watch for when a cat’s body language is telling you it’s had enough. She’ll even finish the groom with an adorable bow. You can clearly see Anna is thrilled with this entire process – especially the pink bow!

In this video you will learn:

  • Different methods to keep the kitty calm.
  • Standard grooming practices for most long-haired cats.
  • Options to safely restrain a cat.
  • Which tools work best on felines.
  • How to safely remove mats from the coat.

… plus lots of handling tips and tricks throughout the entire video.

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Hilaire Boelkins

Hilarire Boelkins has over 14 years of experience in the pet grooming field. She is a Certified Master Groomer and an active pet stylist.

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