Experimenting with Stripping Knives

FREE EXCERPT: Experimenting with Stripping Knives - 23 minutes

Sometimes the best lessons have no structure. That’s exactly what was happening when we were with respected hand-stripping expert; Sarah Hawks. We were filming for a very different project to be released in the upcoming months. We were in the middle of a very enlightening conversation about stripping knives when it hit us. Our Learn2GroomDogs members could really get a lot out of this discussion! We opted to quickly turn on the camera and continue to chat with the camera rolling. Guess what? It worked! Join us as Sarah talks stripping knives and hand-stripping techniques.

In this video you will learn:

  • How to tell the difference between right hand and left hand stripping knives
  • What type of knife removes the most coat
  • How to turn a comb into a rake to remove undercoat
  • How to correctly pull coat
  • How hand-stripping can be therapeutic
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Experts in this Video


Marc LaFleur

Marc is a Certified Master Groomer, an award-winning contest stylist, a mobile stylist, and an industry consultant.

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Melissa Verplank

Melissa Verplank is a Certified Master Stylist and long time business owner.

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