Creative Pet Styling: Airbrushing 101: Introduction To Airbrushing

FREE EXCERPT: Creative Pet Styling: Airbrushing 101: Introduction To Airbrushing - 2 minutes

Session A: Introduction To Airbrushing

One of the hottest elements in pet grooming today is COLOR! It might be a little splash of purple in a Lhasa’s ear. Maybe you have your eyes set on an entire spectrum of colors on a Standard Poodle. Creative styling is limited only by your imagination.

When you see a brilliantly colored coat – there is a good chance airbrushing was involved. But airbrushing color into a coat can be applied any type of coat. Short. Long. Curly. Straight. It doesn’t matter. The color will stick. If you aspire create complicated designs – airbrushing it the ticket to make the color pop off the dog. However, it can be used for simple stenciled patterns on pets too.

With any artistic endeavor there is always a learning curve. It takes time to master the tool. It takes time to master the technique. In this lesson, one of the leaders in creative pet styling arena, Angela Kumpe, takes your through the basic steps of airbrushing.

Session A: Introduction To Airbrushing

Session B: Types of Airbrushes

Session C: Where Do You Find Creative Products

Session D: Airbrushing Products & Equipment

Session E: Learning to Use Your Airbrush

Session F: Dissecting Your Air Brush

In this video you will learn:

  • What types of airbrush machines work the best for different applications
  • Where it find creative products and equipment
  • What types of inks work the best
  • What’s the best way to practice airbrushing before working a pet
  • How to clean your airbrush
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Angela Kumpe

Angela Kumpe is a self-taught pet stylist who has worked professionally for over 17 years in Little Rock, Arkansas. Her career path began the first time she saw a creative design featured on the cover of a grooming magazine.

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