Fabulous Finishing Touches #4 (Red Ears & Puttoos)
Fabulous Finishing Touches #4 (Red Ears & Puttoos)

Member Video: Fabulous Finishing Touches: Chi-Chi & Yorkie (1 of 4-Part Series) → Part 4: Fabulous Finishing Touches: Red Ears & Puttoos (4 of 4) - 30 minutes

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Have you ever wondered how those dogs get brightly colored ears? Angela shows you in this video lesson. She tells you what products work great for her, how to apply the dye, plus tips on how NOT to get the color on other parts of the dog! She also gives you hints on how to plan out the color so you don’t get caught with the WRONG color for an upcoming holiday! Next, she shows you how easy it is to custom make your own ‘puttoo’ for your clients. Don’t know where to get the image or design? Angela tells you in this video. This lesson is full of creative ways to dress up a dog with color and fun stencils.

In this video you will learn:

  • Which products work best and how to apply them
  • Where to find great designs for your oun ‘puttoos’
  • How to prevent dye from getting onto areas where you don’t want color
  • How to apply a ‘puttoo’
  • How long the color and/or design will last in each area
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Angela Kumpe

Angela Kumpe is a self-taught pet stylist who has worked professionally for over 17 years in Little Rock, Arkansas. Her career path began the first time she saw a creative design featured on the cover of a grooming magazine.

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