Grooming Demo on a Daisy Dog
Grooming Demo on a Daisy Dog

Member Video: Grooming Demo on a Daisy Dog - 55 minutes

Misty Fowler demonstrates grooming techniques that emphasize key features of this adorable little dog. This combination coat is wiry on the body while extremely soft on the head and legs, which poses some interesting challenges. Misty shows you how to clip the body and scissor the legs to make the most of this haircut. She creates a cute round head style that shows off the eyes and long eyelashes.

In this video you will learn:

  • The benefits of working with thinning and blending shears.
  • Multiple soft techniques for dealing with a dancing dog on the grooming table.
  • How to create parallel lines on the legs.
  • How to trim the eye area while NOT trimming off the long eye lashes.
  • How to work with cowlicks in a coat.
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Misty Fowler

Misty is a Certified Master Groomer, an award winning stylist, a two- time member of GroomTeam USA’s top 10 groomers.

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