Styling a Lhasa/Poo
Styling a Lhasa/Poo

Member Video: Styling a Lhasa/Poo - 57 minutes

One of the most common mixed breeds in the grooming salon is the Lhasa/Poodle mix. Sue gives a detailed demonstration using snap-on combs and hand scissoring techniques on one side, then grooms the opposite side at a much more rapid pace. This technique allows you see the grooming process twice! You won’t want to miss Sue’s secrets for taking years off the pet with a few snips of the shears.

In this video you will learn:

  • How to make your scissor work last longer.
  • A unique way to find the correct location of the tuck-up on any dog.
  • Why you always round feet before you scissor the legs.
  • How to blend and skim to eliminate any transition lines.
  • How to give a more youthful expression to any pet with a round head style.
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Suesan Watson

Suesan is a third generation pet stylist whose dynamic career stretches over 40 years. A Certified Master Groomer, she owns a successful mobile grooming business, which serves the Chicago/Northwest Suburban area.

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