Grooming the American Cocker in Full Coated Show Ring Style: Part 1
Grooming the American Cocker in Full Coated Show Ring Style: Part 1

Member Video: Grooming the American Cocker in Full Coated Show Ring Style (Part 1 of 2-part Series) - 40 minutes


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Let awarding winning stylist Linda Claflin guide you through the grooming process of this lovely, full coated chocolate American Cocker. She will demonstrate how to groom this breed to show ring ready status using hand stripping, raking, carding, and thinning shear methods. Plus, she reveals, in detail, how to trim the feet on a full coated Cocker. She will show you how to set the pattern lines to accentuate correct breed profile while achieving overall balance, harmony, and symmetry with the outline of the dog. We have broken this video into two lessons due to its overall length, yet put them both up at one time so you can view the entire grooming session in one sitting.

In this video you will learn:

  • How to use the best tools to card and rake out a natural back on a Cocker.
  • How to get those ‘sexy’ show coat bevels on the feet.
  • How to create the undercarriage ‘swoop’ so it flows beautifully from back to front.
  • How to set in the rear assembly by hand and show off a proper tail set.
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Linda C. Claflin-Phelps

Linda is an award-winning stylist with a lifetime of real world experience. In 2004, she earned enough points to be on GroomTeamUSA with a national ranking of 8th in the country.

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