Grooming the English Setter in a Show Style Trim: Part 3 - Q & A
Grooming the English Setter in a Show Style Trim: Part 3 - Q & A

Member Video: Part 3: Grooming the English Setter: Q & A (3 of 3) - 9 minutes

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Part 3 is a Q & A Session with a live audience.

Misty Fowler leads you through the process of show style trimming an older English Setter. These techniques are suitable for everyday pet clients, contest grooming, and certification testing. Learn how to use a wide variety of tools to hand strip the coat for a natural look that accentuates the structure of the dog.

In this video you will learn: 

  • The difference between the three Setters
  • Whether to hand strip or clip a Setter
  • Why you hand thin the neck area instead of using a #7F clipper blade
  • How often a Setter should be groomed as a pet or for show
  • Whether or not you need to clip a naturally short head
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Misty Fowler

Misty is a Certified Master Groomer, an award winning stylist, a two- time member of GroomTeam USA’s top 10 groomers.

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