Welsh Springer Spaniel Pet Grooming

FREE EXCERPT: Welsh Springer Spaniel Pet Grooming - 48 minutes

Once spayed or neutered, many pets experience a coat change. Their coats get thick, soft and abundant. If you scissor or clipper cut the coat, it gets even thicker and loses its rich color.

This Welsh Springer Spaniel is a perfect example of what happens to a dog that has been spayed. Her hormones changed and so did her coat! In this video lesson, Kendra shows you ways to deal with that coat yet keep the essence of the breed firmly in place.

She shapes and molds the coat using a combination of carding, clipping and scissoring techniques. The end result is a beautiful pet Welsh Springer Spaniel that looks tidy yet very natural, just as they should.

In this video you will learn:

  • What areas should be carded.
  • Which areas you can clipper cut.
  • Where to set the pattern.
  • Tools that work great on this type of coat.
  • How to shape the ear to get a soft expression.
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Kendra Otto

Kendra is a published author in industry related magazines. She has also been featured in a number of pet grooming training videos via Andis Home Grooming Tools YouTube videos and now Learn2GroomDogs.com.

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