Grooming a Parson Terrier
Grooming a Parson Terrier

Member Video: Grooming a Parson Terrier - 49 minutes

Award-winning stylist, Annette Quick, shows you how you can quickly and easily strip out a super-fuzzy, harsh coat by simply using the correct rakes instead of a lengthy hand stripping process. In this session, she uses her own dog and little did we know, it would turn into not only a grooming lesson, but a handling lesson as well. It seems our own dogs know exactly what buttons to push, and this little guy really turns on his naughtiness for the camera. Watch how Annette not only completes the grooming process, but regains her own composure (on camera) and wins back the control of the situation without using force with this challenging little Terrier.

In this video you will learn:

  • What a totally blown coat looks like.
  • Tools that can help make the job quick and easy.
  • Handling tips for a less than cooperative pet.
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Annette Quick

Annette Quick is a Certified Master Groomer. In her first year as a Division A competitor in 1997, she garnered the top spot on Groom Team USA. Annette maintained a position on Groom Team USA each year through 2000.

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