Personal Interview with Angela Kumpe
Personal Interview with Angela Kumpe

Member Video: Personal Interview with Angela Kumpe - 25 minutes

How does a back-woods dog groomer become one of the top creative stylists in the nation? Angela Kumpe lives in a tiny town outside Little Rock, Arkansas. In a community where the highlight is the local Dollar Store, Angela has been able to successfully build a creative styling career. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true! Even her everyday clients buy into her imaginative spirit.

In this interview, she shares a wealth of insight into how she got her start. Who’s her support team? How does she pitch her skills to the local community? Why she says, ‘Creative grooming is a license for FUN!’

In this video you will learn:

  • How she brainstorms design ideas.
  • Why Angela is so passionate about helping others learn creative styling.
  • What design she is most proud of.
  • What happens when you take a dog in full color to Times Square in New York City.
  • How to get started with creative styling if you’ve never done it before.
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Angela Kumpe

Angela Kumpe is a self-taught pet stylist who has worked professionally for over 17 years in Little Rock, Arkansas. Her career path began the first time she saw a creative design featured on the cover of a grooming magazine.

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