Personal Interview with Michell Evans
Personal Interview with Michell Evans

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Michell Evans is a dedicated goal setter. As a second generation pet groomer, she grew up in her mother’s grooming salon. Initially, she experimented with other career options once she set off on her own. However, her mother needed help in the salon and asked her to return.

Once back at the grooming table, Michelle and their mother ended up at a grooming show in Iowa.

Michell saw her first professional pet grooming competition. That ignited a goal, to make GroomTeam USA. For most people that would be a lofty goal. But Michell made the goal even more challenging. #1. She lived in New Mexico. Most of the grooming competitions were east of the Mississippi. #2. She wanted to accomplish her goal in just two years.

Find out how she achieved her goals. Learn about her trials and tribulations as she reached those goals. This is a great story of dedication and commitment to becoming a talented and well respected professional pet groomer.

In this video you will learn:

  • What gave her the urge to compete.
  • How she found dogs for the competition ring.
  • Her most memorable experience while competing.
  • How much has she spent and was it worth it.
  • What she enjoys the most about career choice.
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Michell Evans

Michell Evans is a multi-Best in Show and Best All Around groomer and is a Certified Master Groomer through National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA) and the International Professional Groomers Incorporated (IPG).

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