Basic Health Inspection Prior to Grooming
Basic Health Inspection Prior to Grooming

Member Video: Basic Health Inspection Prior to Grooming - 10 minutes

It’s important to ensure that every pet is healthy when pets are in close contact with one another. Heidi takes you through a basic inspection for any dog that steps into your salon. This inspection should only take a few moments to complete. Upon completion of the check, you will know if the pet is healthy enough to go through the grooming process. Plus, you’ll have an idea of what problems you may want to address with the owner prior to starting. By taking a few moments when the pet is dropped off, you can examine the dog and effectively discuss the options the owner has for her pet.

In this video you will learn what signs to look for in a healthy pet:

  • eyes
  • nose
  • gums and teeth
  • ears
  • skin
  • general demeanor of the pet
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Heidi Anderton

Heidi Anderton owns Absolutely Animals in the UK. Her career started at a young age working in boarding kennels. She now runs an award-winning grooming salon and training center.

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