Misty's Favorite Grooming Tools
Misty's Favorite Grooming Tools

Member Video: Misty's Favorite Grooming Tools - 20 minutes

Every seasoned pro has favorite pieces of grooming equipment. These personal favorites are typically used every day in routine grooming. In this session, award-winning stylist, Misty Fowler takes you through her top 10 tools of choice. She’ll show you what they are, and the key points that make them stand out in her mind.

In this video you will learn:

  • Misty’s favorite brush of all time.
  • Why she loves a variety of undercoat rakes.
  • What thinning shear is super versatile.
  • Why she loves this basic tool that you can find in most general purpose stores.
  • One of her favorite clippers and why she likes using it.
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Misty Fowler

Misty is a Certified Master Groomer, an award winning stylist, a two- time member of GroomTeam USA’s top 10 groomers.

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