Building a Successful Business - Self/Staff Improvement
Building a Successful Business - Self/Staff Improvement

Member Video: Building a Successful Business - Self/Staff Improvement - 54 minutes

Joe is on the set before a live audience presenting his power packed lecture of how to grow a successful business. This multi-segment presentation focuses on key elements, that when executed correctly, can assist a business owner, manager, or staff member reach his/her goals and the goals for the business. Some of these goals include desired income, profitability, sales, employee satisfaction, client loyalty, strong reputation and much more!

Session #1: Building a Successful Business – Self/Staff Improvement
Whether you are the owner or the employee, personal motivation and attitude are the keys to success. So how can you influence motivation and attitude? Armed with years of real world experience leading large teams of pet professionals, Joe guides you through a journey of thoughts and ideas. His no-nonsense approach allows you to grasp concepts immediately on how to help both yourself and your team towards a positive work environment. As a bonus you get to have Joe guide you through The Millionaire Manager Game – and yes, he does share the answers with you!

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Joe Zuccarello

Over the course of his career, Joe has provided management and operations consulting services to new business entrepreneurs, new business start ups, existing businesses, audiences at trade shows, and numerous telephone interviews and written articles.

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