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Melissa Verplank, Founder of, often says, “When Danelle German speaks about business, I listen.” This interview proves that point. Whether you are a cat groomer or work with dogs, if you own a pet service business, you’ll want to catch this lesson!

This video lesson is based on a lecture Danelle gives around the country. It’s called, “Stuff You Can Take to the Bank.” It focuses on real problems for real groomers. She guides her audience through a discussion of issues they face every day. She helps them figure out the solutions which, in turn, put money in the bank.

Join us as we talk about:

How do you raise your prices? Sometimes, the hardest part is just getting started. Danelle will walk you through different options. She reminds us that the numbers do not lie. How can you make YOUR numbers work?

Danelle had some amazing insights. She gets to the real question behind the question, “How much do you charge to groom my cat?” (Any breed of dog would work, too!) Hint: it’s not the cost! How are you going to get to the true root of the question while gaining a new customer?

When things are not going well within your team, it’s frustrating for you and your team – and clients pick up on it, too. Danelle will give you some great ideas of how to get everybody back on the same page and working together.

These three items are not isolated problems. Everybody has the same issues. Although Danelle German specializes in felines, this topic crosses over into the dog grooming business, as well.

This video is filled with valuable information that will leave you inspired and energized. After watching the video, you’ll want to dive in and tackle your issues.

In this video you will learn:

  • where to start when it comes to raising your grooming prices.
  • how to create the tactics to make it work.
  • the importance of the value matching the service.
  • why basic math is so important.
  • how to re-energize a team.
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Danelle German

Danelle is the founder of the National Cat Groomers Institute of America, Inc. and the world’s first feline-exclusive grooming school located in Greenville, SC.

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