Structure of a Mat
Structure of a Mat

Member Video: Structure of a Mat - 13 minutes

A mat is a tangled mass of hair, held together by interwoven fibers. There are many types of mats, some easier to remove than others based on the type of coat on the pet. In the world of professional pet grooming, clients bring us their pets to solve a problem. In many cases, that problem is a matted and tangled coat.

This video will help you learn how to:

  • Identify mats entangled in the coat.
  • Identify the factors that create mats.
  • Identify the key friction points that create tangles on a pet.
  • Use special tricks to brush mats and tangles out of the coat.
  • Teach owners tips to help maintain their pets
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Melissa Verplank

Melissa Verplank is a Certified Master Stylist and long time business owner.

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