FREE EXCERPT: Asian Confusion on a Bichon (Part 2 of 3-Part Series: Styling the Head - Muzzle and Cheek Areas) - 65 minutes

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View Part 2: Styling the Head – Muzzle and Cheek Areas

View Part 3: Styling the Topknot, Neck, and Applying Eye Lashes

Join Lindsey as she rocks it out with an Asian Fusion style trim on her own Bichon, Eve.

Lindsey maintains key elements from the Bichon trim with an Asian flair. Eve is an older dog who has been retired from the competition circuit, yet Lindsey still likes to have fun with her coat. The end result is absolutely adorable. Lindsey says she’s taken more pictures of this dog in this trim than any time in her entire life. If you know Lindsey – you know she takes lots of pictures of her own dogs!

Lindsey gets the look using a combination of techniques. She uses clippers, scissors, and blenders. She shows you exactly where to go short and where to transition into longer coat. She also talks about helpful products and tools to achieve great results – including a knockout bow and fun red (yes RED) eyelashes!

Asian style is all about extremes combined with precision trimming. There is no right or wrong with this type of haircut. Once you get the hang of doing this type of trimming, you can get done pretty quickly and charge a much larger fee.

In this lesson, you will learn:

  • the hallmarks of the Asian trim style.
  • how to create an animated look.
  • where to trim the coat very close – and where to leave it very long.
  • how to leave a veil of hair in front of the ear canal – and why.
  • which tool Lindsey thinks might be made out of unicorn bones.
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Lindsey Dicken

Lindsey Dicken is a National Certified Master Groomer. She has been grooming for 8 years, and has been grooming competitively for 6. Prior to becoming a pet stylist, Lindsey was active in preparing and exhibiting saddle and draft horses.

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