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Bling. It’s everywhere. We’re seeing it on clothing. We’re seeing it on jewelry. We’re seeing it on hats. Belts. Cell phones. Notebooks. It seems like wherever you turn around, there’s bling and sparkle._ _In this session, Lori and Angela show you multiple ways to dress up the dog with simple techniques. They are quick. They are fun. And they are economical. If you are new to creative styling, this is a great entry-level opportunity. You can introduce your clientele simple sparkle that is temporary on their pets.

As Lori and Angela both say, once you get them started, most of the time they’re hooked. Their pet just can’t leave your salon without some new bling after each grooming!
In this lesson they show you how to apply the pizzazz to really make the pet standout in a subtle way. Plus, they give you sales tips on how to upsell sparkling bling along with suggestions on what to charge.

In this video you will learn:

  • How to thread crystals into a coat
  • How to apply peel and stick crystals
  • How to apply ‘booty bling’
  • How to make a pet look like it has a nose piercing
  • How to apply temporary earrings
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Experts in this Video


Lori Craig

Lori has been grooming since 1996. She went to Academy of Professional Dog Grooming. During school she started working at Classic Pets & Grooming. In September of 1997 she opened Doggie Styles Grooming.

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Angela Kumpe

Angela Kumpe is a self-taught pet stylist who has worked professionally for over 17 years in Little Rock, Arkansas. Her career path began the first time she saw a creative design featured on the cover of a grooming magazine.

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