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FREE EXCERPT: Coat Carving on a Short Haired Dog - 25 minutes

Randi Sands Coat Carving DemoCoat carving is a fun and easy way to add profits to your bottom line. Randi Sands has turned it into one of her specialties. It’s creative grooming with a twist! This technique is done on short haired dogs – the tighter the coat, the better it turns out.

You’ve probably seen cool designs etched into the short hair on people’s heads. This is the same thing – with a dog as the client!

In this lesson, Randi shows you how to put a rose on the hip. The rose has become one of Randi’s signature designs. Once mastered, it’s very easy to do. Join Randi as she shows you how fun it is to learn this new technique.

In this lesson, you will learn:

  • which tools are needed for coat carving.
  • which dogs work best for this technique.
  • how to master directional carving.
  • how to create a freehand rose.
  • how to make your design really pop.
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Randi Sands

Randi Sands started her grooming career in 2011. After graduation from grooming school, she continued her education. She continues to learn new skills and to share her passion for helping pets. When Randi started her own business, she quickly discovered her compassion allowed her to work well with challenging dogs. Using effective and gentle handling […]

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