Creative Abstract Design on a Poodle
Creative Abstract Design on a Poodle

Member Video: Creative Abstract Design on a Poodle - 23 minutes

Love the idea of being creative? You want something fun yet not have the commitment of the full-blown creative design? This simple abstract design could be your answer. The design can be simple or elaborate – your choice. You can do it on a dog with fuller trims or on a pet sporting a #7 blade length. The beauty of this design is that it allows your creative spirit to flow. In just a few short weeks, the coat will grow back in and you can start on a fresh design. Join Amy as she gets you started on creating an abstract grooming design on a dog.

In this video you will learn:

  • Where to gather ideas for a design pattern
  • One of the hardest things to do
  • Coat lengths that work the best to set an abstract design
  • How to add depth into a design
  • Products that you can use to make the design pop
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Amy Triezenberg

Ever since Amy Triezenberg can remember, she has always love animals and wanted to work with them.

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