Creative Styling: Creating Polk-a-Dots on a Pet

FREE EXCERPT: Creative Styling: Creating Polk-a-Dots on a Pet - 21 minutes

Award winning creative pet stylist, Lori Craig, absolutely loves color. She loves creative styling. Her idea of a productive day is gauged by how much color she had on herself at the end of a day! And the best part – she loves to share her ideas with others.

In this Learn2GroomDogs lesson, she shows you an easy way to have some fun with color. It’s a simple design that can go on in a flash. The pattern works well on any short coated dog. And the best part – if you want to remove it – you can!

In this lesson Lori uses her show Standard Poodle. This creative option works well for Pandora. Lori can ‘bling her up’ between dog shows. When she gets ready to head to an AKC conformation dog show, she can simply shave off the dots. The colored polka dots were placed in the short clipped areas. Lori calls this design on Pandora, Poodle-Pox after all the polka dots!

For those of you just starting to introduce color and creative styling to your salon services, this a super way to introduce it to your shop or salon.

In this video you will learn:

  • What tools and supplies you will need
  • How to make the polka dots pop out
  • What type of tools to use to detail out the pattern
  • What type of price range is typical for this type of work
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Lori Craig

Lori has been grooming since 1996. She went to Academy of Professional Dog Grooming. During school she started working at Classic Pets & Grooming. In September of 1997 she opened Doggie Styles Grooming.

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