FREE EXCERPT: Flower Tattoos on a Tough Pit Bull - 10 minutes

The “Queen of Color,” Dawn Omboy, is back! In this lesson, Dawn shows you two quick and easy ways to work with flower tattoos on a smooth coated dog.

First, you’ll learn how to refresh a faded tattoo with glitter and crystals. You’ll then learn how to apply a new free hand flower tattoo. You’ll even learn the tools and products you’ll need to do this in your salon!

Here’s a great bonus – no artistic talent is needed! Anyone who has the right products can bring a great design to life. They can be done on any smooth coated dog, even a tough Pit Pull named Bambi!

In this video you will learn:

  • which ink Dawn likes to use for this application.
  • which glues work best to hold items in place.
  • how to set in free hand flowers.
  • how to protect your table tops from creative design fun.
  • where you can get creative supplies.
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Dawn Omboy

We are all creative in our own right, we are pet groomers, there is a deep love for the art that is in our hearts and heads and hands that give us the ability to do the things we love to do. I am a self taught pet groomer; it is something I always knew […]

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