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FREE EXCERPT: Creative Styling Ombre Colors on a Dog’s Body - 18 minutes

Angela Kumpe is a top creative pet stylist. She has graced the cover of Groomer-to-Groomer magazine five times with her elaborate creative wins.

Anglea is always busy with trade shows, speaking engagements, and creative styling competitions. However, when Angela is back in her shop, she applies practical creative alternatives for her every day pet clients. Ombre coloring is an easy way to add a spark of color to both short and long coated pets.

Ombre is gaining popularity in natural or bright shades. The ombre hair coloring technique gradually blends from one color to another.

In this lesson, Angela shows you how to do the ombre color pattern on the body of a furry Chinese Crested. With products created just for dogs, the application is fast and simple. It’s a fun styling option for the more daring pet owner. Their pet will make a statement wherever they go.

In this lesson, you will learn:

  • how to set the color patterns.
  • why Vet-Wrap is so handy.
  • how long the color will adhere to the coat.
  • which shampoo works best to wash off the dye.
  • why she opts for this style over doing a splash of color on the ears or topknot.
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Angela Kumpe

Angela Kumpe is a self-taught pet stylist who has worked professionally for over 17 years in Little Rock, Arkansas. Her career path began the first time she saw a creative design featured on the cover of a grooming magazine.

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