FREE EXCERPT: Paw Print Design on a Beagle - 22 minutes

rrBeagle Paw PrintDo you have a client who is a huge sports enthusiast? This might just be the winning ticket for your sports buff client. Put the logo of their favorite team on the back of their pooch or a design which plays up the team colors. It’s also a great idea for parents who want to show a little school spirit. This would be a huge hit at any tailgating event!

Watch Dawn Omboy (The Queen of Color) kick team spirit into overdrive as she airbrushes this sweet family pet. This lovable Beagle’s owner is a HUGE University of Kentucky Wildcat fan.

Before Dawn can play up the school colors, she has to first lighten the back coat. Bleaching out the darker color ensures the blue will pop right off the dark patch of fur in the end. Dawn shows you exactly how to prepare the coat prior to airbrushing. Next, she sets in the basic design with an airbrush. Then she doctors up the basic design by adding the school’s initials and adding a pattern within the blue areas.

The end result yields a fun way to show your sporting spirit without harming the pet in any way.

In this lesson, you will learn:

  • which products work best.
  • how to add the design to the fur.
  • how often the design needs to re-applied or changed.
  • how long it takes for the products to work.
  • how to change ink colors quickly.
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Dawn Omboy

We are all creative in our own right, we are pet groomers, there is a deep love for the art that is in our hearts and heads and hands that give us the ability to do the things we love to do. I am a self taught pet groomer; it is something I always knew […]

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