FREE EXCERPT: Creating a Scarf Collar and Ombre Legs on a Standard Poodle (Part 1 of 3-Part Series: Scarf Pattern and Color) - 58 minutes

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View Part 2: Adding Ombre Cuffs

View Part 3: Design Detail and Finish

rev-ombre-colors-w-scarf-dawn_in-progress-1You’ve just learned one of your favorite pet owners is going to have a baby boy very soon. What can you do to help the family celebrate the new arrival?

If you’re Dawn Omboy, “The Queen of Color,” you are brimming with ideas! Dawn sees this event as an opportunity to do something special to help the family celebrate. Wherever Dexter goes, heads will turn. It’s great marketing for Dawn’s salon as well as a conversation starter when Dexter is out and about.

Dawn uses a combination of techniques to bring this creative design to life. She starts by sculpting a scarf onto the coat then brings the design to life with color.

You’ll also get great advice on products, application tips, her personal favorite tools, effective techniques, and cost saving tricks.

In this lesson, you will learn:

  • pattern techniques.
  • precise color application.
  • pricing strategies.
  • developing your creative confidence.
  • tips for a greater visual impact.
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Dawn Omboy

We are all creative in our own right, we are pet groomers, there is a deep love for the art that is in our hearts and heads and hands that give us the ability to do the things we love to do. I am a self taught pet groomer; it is something I always knew […]

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