Unique Braid Work on a Standard Poodle

FREE EXCERPT: Unique Braid Work on a Standard Poodle - 14 minutes

Lori Craig is best known for her creative styling. So how does she get creative with her own show standard poodle? Pandora, her personal pet, is in show coat. Guess what? She also has a habit of pulling out all of the band work that protects her top knot. Of course Lori has found a creative solution.

Join her as she shows you this unique braiding technique. She’s demonstrating in a show poodle topknot but this could also be done on any other breed with long coat. Lori adds a festive touch by adding flower bows and she creates this weave pattern in the dog’s coat.

This is a gorgeous way to solve a problem, keeping long coat under control while minimizing breakage.

In this video you will learn:

  • How to make a simple flower bow.
  • How to section off the coat to start the braid.
  • How to create a continuous braid line.
  • Other breeds that this could be done with.
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Lori Craig

Lori has been grooming since 1996. She went to Academy of Professional Dog Grooming. During school she started working at Classic Pets & Grooming. In September of 1997 she opened Doggie Styles Grooming.

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