How to Groom a Pet Old English Sheepdog in a Long Puppy Cut

FREE EXCERPT: How to Groom a Pet Old English Sheepdog in a Long Puppy Cut - 1 hr

Jeri grooms anywhere from 20 to 30 OES per month, (yes, we all agree she’s crazy!) In this demonstration, she trims a show coat into a more manageable length. Accentuating key points such as the steep angle over the rear, a rise over the loin, cylindrical front legs, a pear shaped body, and the classic Old English head helps this dog retain much of the OES charm. She has removed over half the total length of coat with scissors and blending shears. This dog has an amazing thick, dense coat. As Jeri says, ‘It’s like trimming carpet.’ Join Jeri as she molds and sculpts this dog into one that has loads of personality and style.

In this video you will learn:

  • The key signature of an Old English Sheepdog.
  • Which shears work great on this thick coat.
  • Why this breed should be square and compact.
  • How to build an arched neck.
  • How to get a ‘leaner’ to stop leaning.
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Jeri Hoppe

Jeri began her professional dog grooming career in 1981, and opened her salon, A Brush With Greatness, in 2005. She regularly grooms many Norwich and OES that are brought to her from far and wide.

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