How to Prepare an Old English Sheepdog for the Show Ring

FREE EXCERPT: How to Prepare an Old English Sheepdog for the Show Ring - 48 minutes

Jeri Hoppe has gained great respect in the professional world with OESD. She has exhibited this breed successfully for years in the AKC shows. Not only does she win with them in the breed ring, but also in the pet grooming arena. In this lesson, she shows you how it’s done. The breed has an abundance of hair. This coat needs special care with brushing so it can present the proper profile when shown. Trimming and teasing in strategic areas help accentuate the standard or camouflage faults. Jeri shares a wealth of secrets she has learned over the years to turn out a stunning Old English Sheepdog in full coat.

In this video you will learn:

  • How to trim the rear to create the illusion of a square dog.
  • How to remove coat to show of the angles of the dog.
  • What type of shape you should strive for with the front legs.
  • How much coat should be on the head.
  • What ‘God’s Handle’ many dogs naturally have.
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Jeri Hoppe

Jeri began her professional dog grooming career in 1981, and opened her salon, A Brush With Greatness, in 2005. She regularly grooms many Norwich and OES that are brought to her from far and wide.

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