Grooming the Pet Afghan in a Low Maintenance Trim
Grooming the Pet Afghan in a Low Maintenance Trim

Member Video: Grooming the Pet Afghan in a Low Maintenance Trim - 52 minutes

Maintaining the long, silky coat of an Afghan can be daunting. Ms. Beckwith is a long time Afghan breeder and handler of AKC champions. In this session, she outlines the breed standard while talking about their personality. Debbie also shares typical coat changes you’ll find as a dog ages or if it’s been altered. She’ll demonstrate a trim she does on a regular basis to keep the coat easy to care for while retaining the flair all Afghans seem to have. She’ll show you which blades to select to shorten the long furnishings and how to work with them. She also discusses the ‘saddle’ of this breed and how to retain it with hand stripping techniques.

In this video you will learn:

  • How to trim an Afghan to a manageable length for a typical pet owner.
  • How long it takes to regrow the full coat back in a pet that has been shaved.
  • The typical temperament of an Afghan.
  • How to break apart a tangle with an undercoat rake to make brush out easy.
  • How to set the saddle, including which tools to use.
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Debbie Beckwith

Debbie Beckwith directed and taught at the Southern Institute of Pet Grooming for 20 years. In 2011, she returned to business operation and opened Southern Comfort Groom and Board in South Carolina, which features grooming, styling, and pet boarding.

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