Getting 'er Done Series: Handstripping a Harsh Coated Terrier Mix

FREE EXCERPT: Getting 'er Done Series: Handstripping a Harsh Coated Terrier Mix - 31 minutes

Judy Hudson reminds us not to be so fast with those clippers. On some harsh coated pets, it’s faster and healthier to handstrip the coat. In this lesson, Judy shows you how she does a ‘pet hand strip.’ She has a lot of shortcuts to make the groom go quickly.

Even though she takes shortcuts to get the look, Judy is able to retain the harsh texture of the coat along with a bright, shiny and healthy coat. Judy reminds us that to keep customers coming back, ‘It’s all in the details. Customers may try someone else. But if you’ve done a great job with the little things, customers will notice a difference. They may try someone else but they’ll always come back to you.’ Join Judy as she shares those little details with you on this adorable ‘pet-strip’ mixed breed.

In this video you will learn:

  • What order you should use your tools
  • How to educate your clients about hand stripping
  • How to hand strip ears easily
  • How to quickly tidy the coat of long stray hairs
  • How to detail the black colored spots
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Judy Hudson

Judy Hudson holds an Associate’s Degree in Veterinary Technology and is an International Speaker and Judge. She is a National Certified Master Groomer and certifier for National Dog Groomers Association of America.

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