Grooming a Labradoodle like a Portuguese Water Dog: Part 1A

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Here’s a common question in grooming salons across the nation: what do you do with a Doodle? In this lesson, Amy Triezenberg demonstrates a great style that works on many Doodles, a Portuguese Water Dog in a working Retriever trim. Amy believes in saving time, so she blocks in the dog with guard combs prior to starting her scissor work. She carves the style in and adds detail using a combination of straight and curved shears plus blenders. Amy has exceptional scissor technique, mastering full control over even the longest scissor. The end result on this Doodle is a stylish trim that is easy to maintain.

Amy begins by blocking in the entire dog with guard combs. Then she moves to the tail and rear assembly before finishing with the front legs and chest area.

In this video you will learn:

  • How to quickly block in a trim
  • Where to set the pattern on the tail
  • A trick to see the angles of the dog clearly
  • Reference points to help set lines
  • How to create the correct shape for the chest
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Amy Triezenberg

Ever since Amy Triezenberg can remember, she has always love animals and wanted to work with them.

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