Grooming a Yorkie Mix with Harsh Coat

FREE EXCERPT: Grooming a Yorkie Mix with Harsh Coat - 45 minutes

Ask any groomer what their favorite breed to groom is and most will say: mixed breeds. Award-winning stylist Annette Quick is no different! In this video demonstration, Annette works on an adorable little Yorkie mix that has an extremely harsh coat. She uses a combination of tools and techniques to give this little guy a personality trim that is easy to maintain between grooming sessions.

In this video you will learn:

  • How to use the ‘less is more’ grooming process.
  • How to apply ‘loose’ hand stripping techniques that are easy to do.
  • Why you want to encourage harsh coat growth on a dog.
  • How to strip the coat in a manner that the pet finds comfortable.
  • How to build character in the head while giving the dog a youthful expression.
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Annette Quick

Annette Quick is a Certified Master Groomer. In her first year as a Division A competitor in 1997, she garnered the top spot on Groom Team USA. Annette maintained a position on Groom Team USA each year through 2000.

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