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American Cocker Spaniels are commonly clippered in grooming salons. However, the correct way to groom this breed is to leave it much more natural. Not all owners want to maintain that type of coat. Not all Cockers are good candidates for the “correct” trim style, either.

When Jennifer saw this striking parti-colored pup come into the salon, she knew instantly that she wanted to hand strip the coat. After learning the benefits of maintaining a natural and correct coat on this young Cocker – the owners agreed.

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to start a natural back on a very furry American Cocker Spaniel. This puppy is just seven months old. She has already had three grooming appointments. It’s clear to see, this young dog is going to be a hair machine!

Jennifer takes you through the steps of hand stripping the back coat for a very natural look. She talks about the hand stripping tools that she likes to use and the order in which she uses them. She also discusses how to use them safely and effectively.

Once she has removed the dead undercoat, she sets in the head, ears, and throat with clippers. She also tidies up the back coat with thinners, paying attention to the two different coat colors, addressing them differently.

The video is not about finishing out the dog perfectly. All of the work Jennifer does in this lesson takes place prior to the bath. The focus of this L2GD video is about getting a young dog started correctly. The goal is to groom this pup to breed profile using hand stripping techniques.

In this video you will learn:

  • why hand stripping is better for the dog.
  • which tools to use.
  • what matters when a dog has two different coat colors.
  • what your goal should be for a hand stripped dog
  • how to encourage owners to consider hand stripping for their pet.
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Jennifer Hecker

Jennifer is a Certified Master Groomer, an award-winning contest stylist and active pet stylist.

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