FREE EXCERPT: Extreme Makeover on an American Cocker Spaniel (Part 1 of 5-Part Series: Roughing in the Head and Raking out the Jacket) - 75 minutes

Edited American Cocker - Finished

View Part 1: Roughing in the Head and Raking out the Jacket

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View Part 4: Bevel Work on the Feet

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Ace is an American Cocker Spaniel without any recognizable pattern. He had been placed with a competitive pet stylist to be used in US grooming competitions.

He was going to be a challenge. He was growing out from a shave down and was a wooly beast. Luckily for him, makeovers like this is one of Pina’s specialties.

Is a lot of work? Absolutely. Pina explains each step simply, making it easy to apply to dogs coming into your own salon.

Pina shows you how to set a pattern on an American Cocker Spaniel when you have nothing to follow. Using bone structure, Pina shows you what to look for, the reference points to use, and how to place all the pattern lines.

Do you struggle with trimming an American Cocker’s head correctly? This dog has a beautiful head. We especially enjoyed watching her bring out his beauty as the excess fur fell away. Her directions for the head are clear and concise.

This is an extreme makeover dog! Yet, the actual grooming was not that difficult. What’s the trick to make short work of all this unruly hair? Knowing the correct tools and techniques to use to get through this coat in a timely fashion.

This entire lesson is filmed before a live audience.

In this lesson, you will learn:

  • how to create a soft, mushy lip.
  • an easy trick to set the pattern lines on the side of the dog.
  • which carding tools work best for different coat types.
  • how to create a nice full eyebrow.
  • great tips on how to trim the hock coat.
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Irina Pinkusevich

Pina is a National Certified Master Groomer with National Dog Groomers Association of America. She has just starting her apprenticeship to become a national Certifier with NDGAA.

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