Grooming the Australian Terrier
Grooming the Australian Terrier

Member Video: Grooming the Australian Terrier - 51 minutes

Long time stylist and trainer, Debbie Beckwith, takes you through the process of correctly grooming an Australian Terrier. She uses hand stripping techniques, combined with thinning shears to get the proper look on this harsh-coated dog. You may not have Australian Terriers walking through your salon door, but if you do, this is the video for you! As a bonus, she’ll show you how you can easily apply these grooming tactics on any Terrier or mixed breed dog with a similar coat type. The simple techniques Debbie uses promote a harsh coat that is rich with color. Throughout the video lessons, you’ll hear tips and tricks to make your grooming job quick and safe.

In this video you will learn:

  • The key points of the breed standard.
  • What tools to use and in what order
  • How to ‘finger pluck’.
  • How to style the head to show off the ‘thumb print’.
  • How to shape the ruff.
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Debbie Beckwith

Debbie Beckwith directed and taught at the Southern Institute of Pet Grooming for 20 years. In 2011, she returned to business operation and opened Southern Comfort Groom and Board in South Carolina, which features grooming, styling, and pet boarding.

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