Grooming the Pet Scottish Terrier
Grooming the Pet Scottish Terrier

Member Video: Grooming the Pet Scottish Terrier - 46 minutes

Lisa Leady has been involved with the AKC conformation show ring for years. Terriers are her specialty. Watch as she leads you through the grooming process. She points out highlights of the breed standard and tells you how to properly set the pattern. Lisa also provides pointers on blade choices and tools to use.

Scottie heads are one of the trickiest to trim and Lisa shows you how you can easily complete this aspect on any Scottie in your own clientele.

In this video you will learn:

  • Why a skip tooth blade works well on this breed
  • How to shape the tail and rump
  • How to use thinning shears to correct a top line
  • How to shape the classic Scottie head
  • Tricks to get the ear tufts correct every time
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Lisa Leady

Lisa Leady is a third generation pet stylist with 35 years of experience.

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