FREE EXCERPT: Hand Stripping a Pet Irish Terrier - 36 minutes

Correctly groomed, an Irish Terrier is hand stripped – but not all grooming salons offers this type of service to their clients.

Hand stripping has many benefits. It promotes healthy skin and coat. It creates brilliant coat color. Plus, the coat will grow back with the proper texture: crisp and harsh to the touch.

In order to maintain this type of coat, the process needs to be done every few weeks. This frequency allows the formation of new layers to consistently grow in. When there are fresh layers of fur growing in, the dog will always look great.

But here’s the problem – most pet owners do not bring their dogs in frequently enough to develop the rotation of coat growth.  So how do you get the hair off without balding the dog? Most pet owners do not appreciate bald dogs! What do you do?

In this lesson, award-winning stylist Jennifer Hecker shows you how to meet this challenge. She shows you what tools to use and how to use those tools safely and efficiently. She talks about the pros and cons of hand stripping a pet. She also gives you tips on how to communicate with the owner so they know what to expect.

Are you new to the entire hand stripping process? Good news! The Irish Terrier has a coat that is relatively easy to hand strip. Thus, the Irish Terrier a great breed to learn on!

In this video you will learn:

  • the right pattern to use on an Irish Terrier.
  • pricing suggestions for this specialty service.
  • why is it important to keep moving as you work on the dog.
  • shampoos that work well on harsh coats.
  • when you should pull out your thinning shears.
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Jennifer Hecker

Jennifer is a Certified Master Groomer, an award-winning contest stylist and active pet stylist.

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