Member Video: Grooming the Pet Maltese in a Cute Puppy Cut (Part 1 of 2-Part Series) - 22 minutes


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Part 1: Trimming the Body, Legs & Feet

In the contest ring, Veronica Frosch is well known for her exquisite grooming skills on poodles and adorable mixed breeds. When it comes to drop coat styling, she loves that clean and crisp look, but never sharp. In this lesson, she demonstrates how to groom a pet Maltese in an adorable pet trim. She uses Wahl snap-on combs and oversized blenders for most of the haircut to get a super soft look. As Veronica says, ‘It’s all in the details’ when it comes to creating a high quality trim that owners will love. In this lesson, Veronica shares loads of those little details that make a big impact on this trim style.

We have broken this lesson into two sections. In Part 1, Veronica deals with trimming the body, legs, and feet. In Part 2, she shows you how to style the head. The entire trim is soft, super cute and very cuddly.

Part 1: Trimming the Body, Legs & Feet
Part 2: Styling the Head

In this video you will learn:

  • Which blade works well to give a soft look to the body.
  • How to deal with the legs.
  • What you can do to with the tail to get a clean look.
  • Why the details are so important.
  • How to encourage owners to try a different style on their pet.
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Veronica Frosch

Veronica’s competition career started around 1996 when she went to a local grooming show.

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