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Judy Hudson is a well-respected educator in the pet grooming world. She is one of our most popular Training Partners. Her speaking style is down to earth and easy to understand. Judy’s style is equal parts common sense, motivation, and education – but always inspirational. When she is not in front of an audience or a video camera, she grooms dogs – just like you – catering to a very loyal clientele just outside Nashville, Tennessee.

Many of you follow Judy on Facebook. You know she regularly posts inspirational morning messages from her porch. In this session, Judy addresses how and WHY it’s important to groom to the structure of the dog.

Do all dogs have the same structure? No, but if you focus on improving just a few key areas on the majority of pet dogs coming into your salon, you can make a big difference. Will the owners know what you’ve done? Probably not. For those who know proper structure and groom to it, your dogs will simply LOOK better.

Judy walks you through a few of the basic ways to improve the structure of the most common faults we see every day. She shares some of her favorite resources to learn how to take basic pet grooming to the next level.

(Since this was filmed – Notes from the Grooming Table, Second Edition became available. Look for the burgundy cover. The AKC has also released a newer version. Look for the 22nd Edition of the American Kennel Club Complete Dog Book with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel on the front cover for the most up-to-date AKC approved breeds with their standards.

In this lesson, you will learn:

  • the correct structure for the majority of the dogs we groom.
  • why grooming to structure is so important.
  • the difference between a groomer and a stylist.
  • why you should have an updated AKC Complete Dog Book.
  • why she calls Notes from the Grooming Table her recipe book.
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Judy Hudson

Judy Hudson holds an Associate’s Degree in Veterinary Technology and is an International Speaker and Judge. She is a National Certified Master Groomer and certifier for National Dog Groomers Association of America.

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