Education is at the Heart of Professional Growth for Our Industry

FREE EXCERPT: Education is at the Heart of Professional Growth for Our Industry - 16 minutes

Michell Evans and Melissa Verplank were having a personal conversation. They were talking about growth in the pet grooming industry on their way to the film set. They both realized L2GD might benefit from their thoughts so they opted to repeat their discussion with the camera rolling. Listen in on their thoughts.

As long time educators, both women feel inspired about the opportunities available in the grooming field. They are motivated by the creative outlet their pet grooming careers allow. But at the same time, they are frustrated – very frustrated. As a whole, our industry does not place a high level of value on education. If we do not push ourselves forward with continuing education, we will never gain the respect we deserve.
In their discussion, Michell and Melissa talk about the stumbling blocks they feel are holding our industry back. They discuss the benefits of continuing education and how to find the best avenues for advanced learning. Find out what they think could be a win-win-win for everyone involved with grooming pets for a living.

In this video you will learn:

  • what to expect from formal education.
  • why it’s important to stay up to date with the latest tools, products and techniques.
  • who is responsible for the learning process.
  • why certification testing and licensing can have a positive outcome on your career.
  • who is the driving force towards licensing in our industry.
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Experts in this Video


Michell Evans

Michell Evans is a multi-Best in Show and Best All Around groomer and is a Certified Master Groomer through National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA) and the International Professional Groomers Incorporated (IPG).

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Melissa Verplank

Melissa Verplank is a Certified Master Stylist and long time business owner.

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