Dealing with a Geriatric Dog on the Grooming Table

FREE EXCERPT: Dealing with a Geriatric Dog on the Grooming Table - 37 minutes

This lesson is not about grooming a dog to breed profile! Instead, it is about grooming an older dog that is unstable on the grooming table. Sue talks about the nearly nonexistent coat that is so common in older dogs. Matted or tangled fur does not typically grow back. The aging Irish Setter used for this demonstration needed all of Suesan’s almost 40 years of professional pet experience. She shows you how to work safely with an elderly pet. She also offers ideas on how to communicate with the owner about their aging dog. She’ll help you understand what the limitations are and what your number one focus needs to be – and a gorgeous groom isn’t on the list!

In this video you will learn:

  • Why it’s especially important to have at least one hand on the dog at all times
  • Why speed should be a major factor in the grooming process
  • Signs that indicate a pet is not doing well
  • Which tools can make grooming more comfortable for the pet
  • Holds that you can use to help stabilize a larger, older dog
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Suesan Watson

Suesan is a third generation pet stylist whose dynamic career stretches over 40 years. A Certified Master Groomer, she owns a successful mobile grooming business, which serves the Chicago/Northwest Suburban area.

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