Dog Body Language Basics #1
Dog Body Language Basics #1

Member Video: Dog Body Language Basics #1 - 23 minutes

Kristie Swan had a long career in broadcast journalism. However, her passion was dogs. She actively fostered many dogs over the years. Kristie learned that a very large percentage of pets were given up due to behavioral issues. This was the trigger she needed to change careers. She knew in her heart she could help owners and their pets. For over two years, Kristie has been working with Melissa Verplank at Whiskers Resort & Pet Spa.

Melissa has seen tremendous improvement in her own staff’s interaction with pets due to Kristie’s wealth of knowledge. In this session, Kristie brings a snippet of her experience to the L2GD members.

In this video you will learn:

  • Some subtle cues dogs gives off when they are nervous
  • What a ‘tongue flick’ means
  • What sign a dog gives when it’s starting to relax
  • Helpful products and techniques to calm a dog
  • Why habituation helps acceptance
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Kristie Swan

Kristie Swan is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.

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