FREE EXCERPT: Grooming with the Left or Right Hand - 32 minutes

rr-colin-n-marcLearning to groom can sometimes be a challenge for left handed groomers. Some folks even learn to scissor right handed or make do with right handed shears.

In this lesson, Marc and Colin focus on scissoring and the differences between left and right handed stylists. Colin is right handed. Marc is left handed. Both men have extensive experience teaching grooming. They bring a unique perspective about how they groom and teach left and right handed people.

Throughout the entire lesson, both offer great insight to the art of grooming. They talk about the mechanics of scissoring, the importance of proper positioning, and handling the pet.

In this lesson, you will learn:

  • the correct way to hold your shears.
  • what size scissor you should choose as a beginner.
  • proper table height for grooming.
  • how to keep the dog safe while on the table.
  • the one thing you should NEVER do if you own a pair of chunkers.
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Experts in this Video


Colin Taylor

Colin Taylor is a Certified Master Groomer and Certified by the United Kingdom City & Guild.

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