FREE EXCERPT: The Top 5 Struggles of Professional Pet Stylists - 26 minutes

untitledWorld-renowned pet stylist Colin Taylor and Learn2GroomDogs.com Founder, Melissa Verplank discuss how to overcome the most common struggles of professional pet groomers.  We bet you wrestle with at least one of these issues every day.

Get the keys to unlock the answers to these persistent problems. The solutions are easier than you think and can be put into practice immediately.

In this lesson, you will learn:

  • how to communicate with the client.
  • how to deal with prep work.
  • how to get a dog clean in minutes.
  • effective ways to work with a high velocity dryer/blaster.
  • how to know when good, is good enough.
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Experts in this Video


Melissa Verplank

Melissa Verplank is a Certified Master Stylist and long time business owner.

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Colin Taylor

Colin Taylor is a Certified Master Groomer and Certified by the United Kingdom City & Guild.

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