Maintaining a Rustic Coat
Maintaining a Rustic Coat

Member Video: Maintaining a Rustic Coat - 14 minutes

What the heck is a ‘rustic coat?’ That’s just what we thought when we asked Kendra Otto to become a L2GD Training Partner. It turns out, Kendra has done her homework on this coat type. She shares how to properly care for this coat type, ensuring it does not become a shave down! This coat type comes on a variety of breeds including the Hungarian Pumi and the Italian Lagotto.

In this session, Kendra focuses on the care and upkeep of this coat type.

In this video you will learn:

  • The look you aim for with a ‘rustic coated’ breed.
  • What tools work best to create the correct coat.
  • What products help maintain the coat in peak condition.
  • How you can rehabilitate a coat in poor condition.
  • The correct drying procedure for this coat type.
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Kendra Otto

Kendra is a published author in industry related magazines. She has also been featured in a number of pet grooming training videos via Andis Home Grooming Tools YouTube videos and now

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