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Give The Gift Of Great Groominar™ Videos!

Give The Gift Of Great Groominar™ videos! A great gift to give your employees or Groomer friends. Give an Annual Subscription Gift Card to to help your Groomer(s) get faster, better, and earn more by learning more!

Benefits of Membership

  • has something for every level of groomer
  • Groominar™ instructional videos from the world’s leading groomers
  • Improve techniques, including speed, efficiency and problem-solving
  • Quickly master breed-specific trims
  • Enjoy fresh, inspiring content and get connected all year long
  • Connect to our encouraging groomer community

Give the Gift That Makes Good Groomers Great!

Supercharge your groom team or help a good groomer find greatness through industry-leading Groominars™ from!

How It Works

  1. Purchase the Gift Card. When you enter your recipient’s email address, you can choose when you’d like the gift notification sent.
  2. The gift recipient will then follow a link to the site and enter their unique gift card code to apply it to an Annual Membership.
  3. At the end of the year, the recipient can renew their subscription if desired without interruption. 

Please note the Gift Certificate is specific to the annual membership and does not apply to monthly payments.