Paragon School of Grooming Teams Up with Pet Connections Expo

July 15th, 2019 by Ima Admin

PetConExpo_JoePromoFree educational offerings include Adding Grooming Services, Hiring, and Training Groomers

Pet Connections Expo & Paragon Pet School announced today that they will be partnering for the Pet Connections Expo 2019 show, October 15-16 in NJ. The expo sets itself apart by providing free education exclusively for pet retailers to grow their business and be able to compete with the larger retailers and online pet stores. Paragon will serve as the educational partner, with a free seminar by Paragon VP Joe Zuccarello, floor sessions plus a VIP coffee chat. Read the rest of this entry »

Learn2GroomDogs User Talks About Value

April 2nd, 2019 by Ima Admin

Michelle McCotter from The Salon & Spa at All Pets Considered talks about the value she’s derived from her membership in

Top Ten Grooming Videos of 2018

December 4th, 2018 by Kara Adams


#10 – How to Create a Stylish Salon Trim on a Mixed Breed

For this lesson, Kathy Rose puts this little dog in a super cute haircut. It’s not only appealing, but it’s also easy for the owner to care for, too. Trims like this are what bring owners back again and again. They are the bread and butter of every successful salon.
This is a highly detailed lesson. It’s perfect for newer groomers who want to add style and flair to their work.

Judy 4 #9 – Contour Trim on a Golden Retriever
Judy will teach you how to shorten up a Golden Retriever without destroying the natural body coat. She starts off by trimming the pads and the feet. She discusses the benefits of de-shedding a dog instead of shaving off the coat. Finally, she addresses the longer furnishings and shows you how to contour them while still maintaining a very natural look on the dog.

Judy working _2
#8 – Prep Work on a Poodle: Face, Feet, Tail, Ears & Nails
In this lesson, seasoned professional stylist Judy Hudson walks you through the basics with this young Standard Poodle. As Judy says, “The clipper work is the foundation of all good grooming!” She shows you how to get that perfectly clean face, feet, and tail, quickly and safely. If you are a groomer who is struggling to get perfectly clean clipper work (especially around those pesky toes), Judy’s insight will be immensely helpful.

Doodle- LL#7 – Stylish & Easy Doodle Grooming
Doodles seem to be everywhere and they come in a wide variety of sizes, coat types, and colors. Lisa shares plenty of speed tricks to get through this dog quickly, such as what blades to use, clipper technique, what shears to work with, and what products work well to lift the coat. This groom is easy for the owner to care for and looks fabulous. This doodle does not look like a poodle after it is groomed!

#6 – Finishing a Round Head on a Drop Coated Dog
In this lesson, Melissa Verplank demonstrates the proper techniques on how to finish a round head on a drop coated dog. She shows the perfect scissoring skills to create this round head in a safe and timely manner.

#5 – Hand Scissoring the Neck

In this Mini Lesson, Lindsey Dicken demonstrates how to work with thinning shears on this drop coated dog. Lindsay shows you how to shape the head and neck for a very soft look that balances with the rest of the trim.



judy Boo

#4 – How to Create a Boo Trim on a Pom
In this lesson, Judy sets in the popular “Boo Trim” on a full-coated Pomeranian. She has never groomed this particular dog before and has to figure some of the best tactics as she goes along. As she moves through the process, she tells you what she is thinking, doing, and most importantly – why she is doing it.

# 3 – Clipping the Front Legs to Get Them Smooth On a Short Coat
 In this Mini Lesson, Melissa Verplank discusses an efficient way to get legs smooth in just three clipper passes.

Level 1.10 Canine Anatomy Pos1
#2 – Canine Anatomy
In this video, you will learn the basics of canine anatomy. Melissa guides you through the key reference points used to groom dogs, to accentuate balance and style, set pattern lines as well as handle the dog safely and comfortably based on its structural limitations.



 #1 – Back to Basics with a #4F All Trim on a Shih Tzu
 A #4F All trim is one of the most popular pet owners requested trims everywhere. Seasoned pros know that there can be a big difference between a good #4 All trim and a bad one. Lisa Leady takes you back to the basics with this Shih Tzu. Lisa shares numerous tips throughout the entire lesson on this low maintenance haircut.


Help Fellow Groomers Affected by California Wildfires – Groom One for California!

November 21st, 2018 by Kara Adams

Our fellow pet groomers in California need our help! Join us and make a donation to the California Professional Pet Groomers Association (CPPGA). This organization will help fund those in need and distribute the funds that come from your generous donations.

We have accepted the “Groom One for California” challenge of sending the proceeds from one grooming per day and we are asking you to do the same. Any amount helps!

Below is a special message from Melissa Verplank and the link to make your donation:

The Paragon School of Pet Grooming Introduces the NEW Distance Learning Program

November 2nd, 2018 by Kara Adams

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