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A Special Tribute to Pearl and Eve

 “Send My Fur Angel” by John Scargall.
With heavy hearts, the team honors the passing of two very special dogs who’ve crossed the rainbow bridge. Melissa Verplank’s Pearl and Lindsey Dicken’s Eve, shown here together, were teammates and playmates on many a shoot. We miss these beauties. Eve was a super star in many of Lindsey’s videos, including this Spotlight Session below where she sports the latest canine haute couture.
  (This clip is open for all visitors to see.)


Introducing: JZ10 Coaching Sessions: Story Is Your Superpower

Meet Joe Zuccarello, VP of Paragon and longtime pet industry coach. Joe is a sought-after speaker and coach, giving keynote addresses and special sessions at industry conferences such as PetConn, Pet Expo and The Dog Gurus, among others. He is also the host of the “Hey Joe!” podcast where he interviews a wide range of pet industry subject matter experts. Before joining Paragon, Joe was Melissa Verplank’s business coach. Now she’s “sharing” Joe with members!

Each month, members will get access to a NEW JZ10 on topics ranging from ways to supercharge your bottom line to “grooming” — and retaining — great salon staff.

This month, Joe unpacks the value of sharing peer stories for inspiration and professional development in “Story Is Your Superpower.”

New Release: How To Do An Easy Personality Trim on a Poodle Mix with Lindsey Dicken

Learn2GroomDogs is excited to share the latest addition to our awesome collection of dog grooming instructional videos! In this new two-episode lesson, award-winning pet stylist Lindsey Dicken will show you how to create an adorable trim on a Poodle Mix using Wahl attach-on combs.

Dog Grooming Tricks You Will Learn in This Video Series

Following her own philosophy of “working smarter and not harder,” Lindsey deftly explains and demonstrates how to save time using Wahl guard combs to block in the trim. The trim is as practical for the owners as it is for the groomer – designed to be both attractive and easy to maintain between appointments.

Lindsey combines style elements from two other breeds to create this unique and hassle-free haircut. Members of Learn2GroomDogs can follow along with Lindsey as she shows how to get the look, step-by-step. This starts with demonstrating how to block-in the trim quickly, then detail the haircut with some of her favorite shears. In the end you get a very plush look without a lot of effort. Perfect for the busy pet stylist! If you’re a Lindsey Dicken fan, she won’t disappoint you with this lesson.

Start Learning with Lindsey

If you’re a member, be sure to Log In and check out the video HERE so you can add it to your favorites and get the full details with access to the second episode! It’s packed with great tips and plenty of a-ha moments groomers of all skill levels will appreciate! If you’re not a member, click below to watch a free preview of the video.


If you’re not signed up for Learn2GroomDogs yet, check out our Membership page below. It will tell you about all of the great features and benefits enjoyed by members of our community and allow you to join our growing waiting list. When the next enrollment period opens, you’ll be among the first to know, and we’ll periodically send you exclusive content before it’s time to sign up.

Debbie Lundy Shares Why Her Learn2GroomDogs Membership Is So Valuable

“I used to train new staff members on my own, but when I found out about, it made things much easier! You can’t even compare it to not having it. It is priceless. It is worth so much more than that little monthly fee that you’re paying.”
-Debbie Lundy, Canine Country Salon Owner

Theory of Five Wins Barkleigh Book of the Year!

CMG Melissa Verplank’s The Theory of Five has been selected for Barkleigh’s New Book of the Year Award! Tune in to hear Melissa talk about the evolution of The Theory of Five – a method of grooming she developed to create reproducible results and systematic communication with team groomers and clients. From it’s early inception to the foundation it has become for dog grooming instruction, the Theory of Five has helped groomers around the world save time and make money.

If you’d like to purchase The Theory of Five, it can be found here:

Want to learn to groom dogs on campus or online? Visit and get $100 off tuition with code LUCKYDOG.

Learn2GroomDogs User Talks About Value

Michelle McCotter from The Salon & Spa at All Pets Considered talks about the value she’s derived from her membership in
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Top Ten Grooming Videos


#10 – How to Create a Stylish Salon Trim on a Mixed Breed

For this lesson, Kathy Rose puts this little dog in a super cute haircut. It’s not only appealing, but it’s also easy for the owner to care for, too. Trims like this are what bring owners back again and again. They are the bread and butter of every successful salon.
This is a highly detailed lesson. It’s perfect for newer groomers who want to add style and flair to their work.

Judy will teach you how to shorten up a Golden Retriever without destroying the natural body coat. She starts off by trimming the pads and the feet. She discusses the benefits of de-shedding a dog instead of shaving off the coat. Finally, she addresses the longer furnishings and shows you how to contour them while still maintaining a very natural look on the dog.

Judy working _2
In this lesson, seasoned professional stylist Judy Hudson walks you through the basics with this young Standard Poodle. As Judy says, “The clipper work is the foundation of all good grooming!” She shows you how to get that perfectly clean face, feet, and tail, quickly and safely. If you are a groomer who is struggling to get perfectly clean clipper work (especially around those pesky toes), Judy’s insight will be immensely helpful.

The Paragon School of Pet Grooming Introduces the NEW Distance Learning Program

5 Easy Ways to Give Yourself a Raise

Let’s face it, many salon owners aren’t charging as much as they feel they should. Local competition and price-sensitive clients are two strong reasons why. In some cases, grooming rates are already as high as considered possible without losing customers.

In most service-based businesses, payroll is the highest expense. A typical grooming business pays out more than 50% to 60% in payroll, alone. When salons are paying out those percentages, raises are rare.

We’ve talked to lots of groomers. It’s no surprise that one of the main complaints with their jobs is not making enough money. It’s not all about the money but having fair compensation for the work we do is not unreasonable!

When people come to me and ask how they can earn more, I always remind them that time is money – regardless of how you are paid. The faster you can get through a pet safely, the more money you will ultimately make. Read the rest of this entry »

Spring Trip

My husband, Marc and I are back from a four-week working road trip. For the past few years, we’ve traveled for almost the entire month of March. After all – who wants to be in Michigan in March? Each Spring, we’ve loaded up our bikes, kayaks, dogs, and filming gear and hit the road.

crystal riverThe trip this year started out with the Atlanta Pet Fair before heading south to Florida. Our itinerary included lots of work but also plenty of downtime. We kayaked with the manatees in Crystal Springs and enjoyed the unbelievable clarity of the Rainbow River. On one of the rivers we kayaked, we came a bit too close to a large alligator sunning himself on the bank. I swear it looked like an old tire sitting on the river bank – until it MOVED! We paddled away very quickly!

JumpingWe attended the Live Oaks International Horse Show where we watched show jumping and the exhilarating marathon driving event. The show jumping took me back to my younger years when I showed hunters and jumpers.  With each stride and jump, I was right there with the rider. Read the rest of this entry »