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L2GD Member Walkthrough by Jeanine Palmiteer

Check out this video tour of the New by member Jeanine Palmiteer, owner of Grooms by Jeanine! She covers several new navigation features and helpful tips, all from the palm of her hand. Watch it below!

Jeanine: Hey guys, it’s Grooms by Jeanine and I want to take you on a quick walk through of the updated So let’s go ahead and get started. I’m just going to do a quick screen recording for you.

All right, so as you can see we’re on the home page. I’m going to kind of scoot you over to the side a little bit, pop you up over there. All right, and let’s go to navigation and get started.

Now you can see there’s a few different things you can pick here, but I usually just go to browse all videos. But the browse by skill level is really good too, just depending on what kind of videos you’re looking for. But if you’re in the mood for a particular type of video, then you can just go to the video library. So let’s go ahead.

I usually go to like categories, but there is even like body part, coat type, breeds, experts. Let’s take a look at the experts. There’s Angela Cumpy, which you guys know is a favorite of mine. David Campanella. Let’s see, Joe Zigarello, we know, I love Joe Zigarello and his Hey Joe podcast. Let’s see. Lori Craig, Melissa Verplank. Yeah, so you can see there’s a lot. Judy Hudson, Joshua Morales, you know is a good friend of mine too. So yeah, there’s a bunch of different experts on there.

And let’s look at categories real quick. One that I’m really into you, as you guys know, I love Angela Cumpy, so obviously I love creative grooming. So they have 58 videos of creative styling, which is really awesome. They have a bunch of different business videos. Let’s see, grooming productivity and time management, pet handling, really anything you can think of. But let’s click on creative styling since we know it’s my favorite.

And you can see there’s basics, like how to tie a basic bow. So if you want to make your bows at home that’s on there. Doing color, sparkle, oh stencils. I know there’s air brushing, the bling, coat carving and nail wraps. I, you guys know I love the nail wraps. I have mine, they’re over there. But you know, this shows you how to put them on really easily. I really like this video. So anyway, there’s a bunch you can see here and let’s go back.

So when you want to go back, just uncheck the category that you’re in and then move on to the next one unless you want it to get more refined. If you leave it checked then it’ll get more refined, which is a really handy tool. But we’re just trying to be more broad. You want to uncheck it. So let’s go to business now, because it is another favorite category of mine. And if it loads, there we go. Okay. Attitudes are contagious. All of these with Joe are really good. He has quite a few on here so you can see here, and all of these are really, really good. Especially I really liked his marketing one. Definitely go check that one out.

There’s some really good interviews with Melissa Verplank on here. This financial records, who can help you keep them straight. That one’s really good, talking about having a good team behind the scenes to help you do all of the numbers and stuff like that. You know, having a strong team behind you makes things so much easier. So that’s a really, really good one. How to keep your team motivated, ideas on how to lead yourself, which would be good for somebody like me that’s started my own business.

So yeah, I mean you can see there’s a lot of really, really great videos on here. It’s really cool. I mean as you saw there were so many different experts. It’s cool that it does it by skill level. Here’s the skill levels here. So there’s advanced, beginner, core skills, and stylist. So that’s really helpful to everyone. Sometimes even when you get more advanced to go back to those core skills is really crucial because you know sometimes you start, you get in a rhythm of things and you start doing it the wrong way without even realizing it. So having these videos to go back and kind of check yourself on, really helps, you know, to keep yourself and like make sure you’re doing things right and you know, putting out the grooms that you want to be putting out.

So anyway, this is a really great website. If you haven’t checked out, definitely do that. And if you have checked them out, I hope this helps you understand their new website a little bit more. There is obviously a lot of really great things on here. Really anything you can think of, especially their beginner videos, I think are so, so crucial. If you’re a bather that’s wanting to be a full groomer, this would be a really good place to go. I mean, you can see there’s even so detailed as to how to attach on the guard combs, you know? So it’s really, really cool. Definitely check this website out, you guys. And yeah, I hope this video helped you guys out. I love you guys as always, and I will see you in the next one. Bye.

Brittanie Eggerding’s Story

Brittanie Eggerding grew up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, with a passion for animals. She regularly watched her mom groom animals and was determined to make a career that cared for animals.

“I’ve always grown up in the grooming world,” She said. “I always looked up to my mom and her being the groomer.”

As she got older, she mentored with groomers and learned on the job, also gaining instruction from the video subscription to help build her knowledge base.

With the knowledge of how to groom, but looking for her certification, Brittanie decided to leave South Dakota in 2015 and move to Grand Rapids to attend school. She enrolled in Paragon’s educational services that helps groomers with prior experience hone the skills they need to improve before being a certified groomer.

“I used the school as an excuse to move across the country,” She said. “I needed to focus on the aspects of grooming that I needed to improve. I’ve learned a lot and continue to learn.”

Brittanie says that the grooming community overall are people genuinely passionate about animals, therefore they want to help anyone who cares for animals be as well-equipped as possible.

“The community brings together the people who care about the wellbeing of a pet and doing it for the right reasons,” she said. “Everyone is so nice and will build you. It’s a tight knit community of people who want to better their services.”

Now, 28, and recently married, Brittanie works at Whiskers Resort and Pet Spa as a stylist in West Michigan. She said the best part of the job for her is cultivating the culture of love and care for animals through things like styling and grooming.

“When they come in dirty, or matted and scared, sending them home clean, stylized, and comfortable is so rewarding,” she said. “I love seeing the owners that don’t know what to expect and seeing their faces when we are done too.”

JZ10 Coaching Session: How to Raise Prices and Feel Good About It?!

Joe Zuccarello, VP of Paragon and longtime pet industry coach, is back with another coaching video for members!

This month, Joe explains why raising your prices can be better for your business AND your clients. Find out how Joe encourages local research and reframing “competition” to give your staff, salon, and customers the best. Check out How to Raise Prices and Feel Good About It?! below.

Joe is also the host of the “Hey Joe!” podcast where he interviews a wide range of pet industry subject matter experts.

Each month, members get a BRAND NEW JZ10 on a broad range of topics, from keeping your staff happy to nailing your finances. Stay tuned for more!

New Release: Fun Creative Styling on a Cat with Angela Kumpe

Learn2GroomDogs is thrilled to share the latest addition to our library of dog and cat grooming instructional videos! In this lesson, Angela demonstrates creative grooming and color isn’t JUST for dogs. Cats can play in this arena too! Plus, you don’t always need a white cat to make this work.

Learn to Style Cats

Angela Kumpe is a top creative pet stylist. She has graced the cover of Groomer-to-Groomer magazine five times with her elaborate creative wins. Today, she’s putting a fun design on her cat, Martini.

However, cats DO have a slightly differently attitude for grooming than pups. Angela talks about those differences and how to win the cooperation of a feline on the grooming table.

Angela walks you through the steps of how to create, apply and finish a colored, raised, 3D type stencil design on this full-figured feline. She gives you plenty tips on how to effectively work with a cat while creating a fun design. She also talks about the products she’s using and how to apply them. The colors Angela gets are brilliant in color. She also discusses the longevity of different products in the coat.

Start Learning with Angela

If you’re a member, be sure to Log In and check out the video HERE so you can add it to your favorites and get the full details! If you’re not a member, click below to watch a free preview of the video.

If you’re not signed up for Learn2GroomDogs yet, check out our Membership page below. It will tell you about all of the great features and benefits enjoyed by members of our community and allow you to join our growing waiting list. When the next enrollment period opens, you’ll be among the first to know, and we’ll periodically send you exclusive content before it’s time to sign up.

Misty Cox’s Story

Misty Cox, a professor teaching professional pet grooming at Greenville Technical College in South Carolina, has used the videos and Paragon books in her curriculum for nearly 7 years.

“It’s a wonderful tool,” Cox said. “Hearing it is one thing, seeing it is another. I’ve been teaching for 14 years, and I have taught the classes with other types of videos, but they weren’t as thorough with the limited amount of time. The videos have been very helpful in my classes.” has become an important tool within Cox’s classroom and curriculum. She said that some students consult YouTube, and that make her cringe, “Anybody can put anything there,” she said. The tools Paragon supplies meet industry standard, making them reliable resources for the students.

“I get the thrill out of teaching the proper way and seeing people succeed,” Cox said. “Most people come in with zero knowledge and its rewarding seeing people succeed.”

Cox said a big problem within the pet grooming industry is that there are no requirements for certifications in order to care for animals. She said the resources provided by Paragon are helping educate people and are invaluable to her classroom.

In addition to, Cox utilizes books Paragon offers as resources to her students.

“Notes from the Grooming Table was the first book that I purchased and what introduced me to Paragon,” Cox said. “I’m thankful for the books, you can see detail and pictures with the instructions, it completely changed the way we teach.”

The pet grooming community within Greenville, South Carolina is growing due to the program within the college, and it is important to Cox to fill the community with quality pet groomers over quantity. The students not only get lectures and video examples, but also have access to a grooming lab for practical application.

The program graduates 24 certified pet groomers a year. These students are equipped with the tools needed to be well-rounded in a field that is largely unregulated. Currently, there is a waiting list to get into the school.

The passion for grooming dogs started with cox almost 16 years ago when she took the program at Greenville Technical College herself, and looking to the future, she is excited to continue spreading that passion for animals by teaching students the proper way to care for them.

Rob Altamura’s Story – Cancer Survivor & New Groomer

“The dogs kept me going,” said Rob Altamura. I am a groomer thanks to Paragon.”

Rob grew up in the construction business, following in his family’s footsteps, until a cancer diagnosis in 2013 brought his world to a screeching halt. At the age of 44, unable to work and fighting colon cancer, Rob was exhausted. “It was a nightmare,” he said.

During the long days home recovering, his wife Bonny was running their small business, “Paw Printz Mobile Pet Styling,” and traveling around Rochester, New York, grooming dogs. Rob said he started grooming his own dogs and learning tricks from his wife but wasn’t able to do much during recovery. He subscribed to the video subscription and started soaking in the information. Slowly, he started going out with Bonny and grooming alongside her.

“That’s where my confidence got spiked,” he said. “The night before the groom she would go through the process with me. I would always reference back to the videos.”

Rob continued to push through biannual chemotherapy while working with Bonny, expanding the business as well as his expertise within the grooming industry. However, 2016 brought another cancer diagnosis. During his recovery from this second bout, Bonny was hospitalized with a back injury that took her away from the business, leaving Rob to continue grooming solo.

“I always say that I was thrown to the wolves,” Rob said. “Honestly if it wasn’t for the videos, we would have probably been out of business. I didn’t realize how much I knew and learned.”

Now, both in recovery, the couple recently attended a Pet Expo, where they met the video instructors and were able to tell their story. Rob was able to get his shirt signed by the people the inspired him to keep doing what he loved.

“Mark, Melissa, Lisa, Judy are my heroes,” he said, thinking about the expo and meeting the people who spread their knowledge of grooming to his family. “I was so excited. I about hit the floor, They are like super heroes to me. I don’t think they will ever know the impact they had on me. I want to stress how much this means to me and Bonny, I want the whole team to know that everything I do from this point out is due to them.”

Both Rob and Bonny now have their own clients and are looking to expand their business with a second van. They credit the videos as their inspiration to keep pushing forward in the face of adversity.

“Dog grooming saved his life,” Bonny said, tearing up with emotion as she and Rob told their story. “It helped him pick himself up and survive.”

Member Spotlight: Josh Morales

Tune in for a full-length interview with member AND instructor Josh Morales! This members-only video showcases Josh’s journey from student to teacher and every step he took along the way. Log in to see the video. Not a member of Explore membership and learn how hundreds of top-producing groomers have taken their careers […]
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Melissa’s Top 4 Tips for Getting Through the Holidays

Most of you with any experience under your belt in the United States – just complete Phase 1. Phase 1 of the holiday marathon grooming. Getting all those pooches ready for family and friends.

Those of you in the United States, you have just gone through grooming marathon Phase #1 for the holiday season. Thanksgiving. How did it go? Smooth as silk? Or would you like to make improvements as you move into Phase #2 – Christmas and Hanukkah? Most of us are involved with the pet industry are here because the passion. We simply love working with the pets. However, even the most passionate groomer can feel the pressures of the holiday demands.

If you are one of those professionals who felt the pressures of the Thanksgiving crunch, take heart. It’s time to review what you did right — and areas that could use some improvement in the areas of time management in the grooming salon.

Here are My Top 4 Tips for Getting Through Your Day with Ease.

#1. Mental Control

Stay focused. Pay close attention to what you are doing at all times. You’re working with live animals and sharp instruments. Chatter between your coworkers and pets breaks your focus. You lose time and you make mistakes when you don’t stay focused on the pet.

Always practice the three C’s; stay calm, stay cool, and stay collected. When you’re working with a pet you want to be friendly but aloof. You want to correct any undesirable action before it becomes a major problem. Frustration and anger have no place in a professional salon setting. If you feel yourself getting frustrated, take a break. Breath. Step back to the grooming table when you have regained your composure.

Work methodically with all pets. Don’t get flustered. Set an even and steady pace when it comes to handling, bathing, drying, brushing, clipping, and scissoring. Set time goals for every step of the grooming process and strive to achieve them.

#2. Invest in Yourself and Your Equipment

What is the condition of your equipment? Are you working with top-quality equipment?

It’s amazing how much time you can save when your equipment is in top condition. Or when you splurge on that new pair of blenders that cut like butter. Or you have a high velocity dryer that has plenty of punch. Oh, and all of your shears and blades have sharp edges on them — correct? There’s nothing more frustrating than working with dull and ineffective equipment when crunch time is on. Right now you’re in crunch time.

#3. Organization in the Salon

Do you have a smooth process for client check-in and checkout? If you’re computerized, is it easy to pull up client records in a flash? If you’re still working with a card file, are all the records pulled the pets that are scheduled for that day?

Most stylists in a salon setting find working in a minimum of three or four hour blocks of time can be highly advantageous to time management. The more you have to stop to check-in or checkout clients the more you lose your focus on the pet that is on the table. By working in blocks of time, you can check multiple pets in and out in tight windows of time when it comes to dealing with customers.

Do you have a method to track all the collars and leads that accompany the pets? This is no time to be looking for that lost collar or lead! Do you have a bright assortment of those pre-made? Do you have festive bandannas cut and ready to go on the dog?

#4 Mental & Nutritional Stamina

When the rush is on, you need to be at your peak — mentally, physically and nutritionally.

You’re not going to be at your peak if you’re not getting enough sleep. I know … I know. With all the demands between work, family and holiday festivities, slumber can be hard to come by. Normally, a professional groomer is so physically exhausted that when your head does hit the pillow — sleep comes easily. Just make sure you’re getting enough hours each night so you can perform at high levels the next day.

With the holidays upon us, most salons find themselves overrun with holiday treats from their clients. Be careful with this one. Personally I learned the hard way you are not good to feel your best if you consume all those goodies all day long!

I learned in my early 20s to pack healthy food options to keep me nourished all day long. I was mobile so in between every client by reward was to eat. If I had healthy options at my fingertips, it was easy to keep my energy level in high gear. In a salon setting, this might be a little bit more challenging. Still, eating healthy small amounts on a regular basis is the best way to keep you both mentally and physically content.

Pack a nutritional lunch plus snacks. (You know your days are to be long!) Or do a potluck between staff members. We’ve done this for years at the Paragon School of Pet Grooming with great success. The rule is: Healthy, quick food options only. No sweets. No desserts. Our clients do a great job with that. The potluck is set up so everybody can grab a quick bite in between dogs quickly and easily.

If you’re not a cook – have a stack of local takeout menus available. If they deliver – BONUS!

The holidays are a great time to really test your skills. We’ll find out quickly just how successful you are. If you have a full book and struggling to fit into just one more pet each day, you know you have arrived. Be thankful for creating a service that your customers desire. If you take care of them well — they’ll take care of you. That’s what successful customer service is all about!

Happy trimming and happy Thanksgiving!


If you need a brush up on any time management lessons, here are a few titles from that could help you.

New Spotlight Sessions – Quick Tips on Poodle Mixes & Mobile Grooming

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A Special Tribute to Pearl and Eve

 “Send My Fur Angel” by John Scargall.
With heavy hearts, the team honors the passing of two very special dogs who’ve crossed the rainbow bridge. Melissa Verplank’s Pearl and Lindsey Dicken’s Eve, shown here together, were teammates and playmates on many a shoot. We miss these beauties. Eve was a super star in many of Lindsey’s videos, including this Spotlight Session below where she sports the latest canine haute couture.
  (This clip is open for all visitors to see.)